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New NHS drugs policy could see elderly denied treatment

Too old to get lifesaving drugs: Anger at plan to deny elderly treatment if you've had a 'fair innings'

  • Plans would consider 'wider societal benefits' when giving out medicines
  • NHS body fears the proposals would mean the young are a 'higher priority'
  • Prompted fears the elderly are receieving a worse deal from health service
  • Doctors, MPs and campaigners condemned the plans as ‘barking mad’

By Jenny Hope and Daniel Martin

PUBLISHED: 22:55 GMT, 17 February 2014 | UPDATED: 07:50 GMT, 18 February 2014

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New NHS drugs policy could see elderly denied treatment

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is due to change how it decides which drugs can be provided by the health service


Thursday 09 January 2014

New drugs will only be made available on the NHS if they help people deemed to be a benefit to society under proposals that prompted fears elderly people could be denied treatment.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) is due to change how it decides which drugs can be provided by the health service.

The proposals would mean Nice would have to consider “wider societal benefits” of the treatments as well as the cost and benefits to patients.

Dr Paul Catchpole, of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, told The Daily Telegraph: “It is concerning because, under the new appraisal system, cancer medicine might do less well because older people aren't as beneficial to society.

"You might have a cancer treatment for a severe disease but because the majority of the cancer patients are elderly they aren't generating wider societal benefits, they are more likely to be generating costs.

“But if you have got a medicine that gets someone back to work then you could argue, under this system, that that's better for society.

David Taylor, professor of pharmaceutical and public health policy at University College London, said the plan was “a real threat to the public well-being and a real threat to the well-being of older people”.

“To me the whole methodology seems deeply suspect,” he said.

Sources close to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told The Telegraph that plan was at an early stage and would not result in discrimination against elderly people.

The draft policy is due to be put out for public consultation in the next few weeks.


nyeannebevan 2 days ago New drugs will only be made available on the NHS if they help people deemed to be a benefit to society

Unbelievable and truly terrifying in its implications! Reeks of the Nazi's dismissal of the disabled as people who had "lives unworthy of living". The propaganda stressed the high cost of supporting disabled people, and suggested that there was something unhealthy or even unnatural about society paying for this. 

Should we be surprised that the Toxic Tory "Nastzis" would seek to persecute the old, the sick and the vulnerable - in the same way that they are brutalising and exterminating the disabled via their Atos Genocide Programme! Get these vicious thugs out of office - before they have a chance to introduce their Eugenics programme!""


UK State Snatch Baby Directly from visiting Italian Citizens Womb???????

THINK before risking your children on a holiday or a visit to the UK!

What a shame the poor Italian mother was poorly legally advised to accept the jurisdiction of the Court of England, losing her baby to the UK Child Stealing State, instead of applying through International Law for her baby to be returned to Italy.

Sadly oh so often it is too late to recover from legal blunders like this.

Litigating the lawyers concerned is clearly very necessary in this case!

A complete lack of empathy, caring & protection of both mother and child by the UK Child Stealing State, which is now clearly an aggressor/predator to it's own citizens and the rest of the world!

Christopher, Brendan, John, make sure this case is not buried like many others by too little MSM follow through, leaving the general public the opinion that it was so shocking, not hearing much further indicates it must therefore have been resolved. Well revealed!

Sadly, had the mother (being habitually resident in Italy and only being a visitor to the UK) been advised by her UK legal team not to accept the jurisdiction of the Court of England under Domestic Law, but instead to file under International Law a BIIR case with Italy being the requesting State, against the UK being the requested State, for the return of her baby to Italy under Article 15 of BIIR International Law, being "The Transfer of Proceedings" to Italy. The mother would have succeeded in protecting her baby from being kept by the UK State and forcibly adopted to other parents.

The Article 15 BIIR case for "The Transfer of Proceedings" to Italy being the habitual residence of the mother could have been made by first approach to either the Central Authority of the UK or Italy, followed by full Application before the Court of England under International Law, not accepting the jurisdiction of the Court of England under Domestic Law.

The lesson to be learned from this case is "When visiting a foreign jurisdiction (particularly one as corrupt and dangerous as the UK) never accept the jurisdiction of the countries courts you are visiting when you are habitually resident in your own country elsewhere, without taking full legal advise from an International Law legal team from your home country of habitual residence first, as you may have legal right to apply for transfer of Domestic Proceedings to your own country of habitual residence, instead of accepting the Jurisdiction of the Courts of the country you are visiting/holidaying in under that country's Domestic Law.

No prizes here in realising that the legal advise & representation this poor lady received without her consent or choosing, or otherwise at the time of Appeal in the UK, was clearly against her interest and her baby's, in leading her to accept the jurisdiction of the Court of England by going before the Court, originally and at the time of Appeal, instead of advising her to file an International Law BIIR Article 15 case for Transfer of Proceedings, returning her baby to Italy.

The Application then going before the Court of England with Italy being the requesting State and the UK the requested State in this International Law case.

The question also remains, in that if the media story is correct in indicating the mother may not have needed a caesarean section for medical reasons, then the only rationale left for this being done must be that Mum was recovering and likely to return to Italy with her baby still safe inside her womb???????

In which case this would literally be a UK State child snatch directly from the womb!

Clearly with almost every UK State Local Authority Social Services Child Stealing case being corrupted for years now, without any improvements seen to stop this, then there is no intention by the UK State to stop this predatory corrupt disgusting action.

The only answer left when any State is corrupt towards it's own citizens and others and refuses to mend it's ways, is more direct action to hold those that are corrupt to account!!!!!!!


Here are 2 MSM media sources for the complete shocking story of how this lady was snatched during a panic attack, detained, court ordered surgical removal of her unborn baby and finally the forced adoption of her baby.

Animals have more rights than citizens and foreign nationals in the UK it seems!

The Telegraph.

The Daily Mail.

Kevin Bull
Katie Bull
Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Sea salt contains virtually the same level of sodium as table salt and hence WILL KILL YOU just the same by elevating your BLOOD VOLUME & PRESSURE if affected by this as part of heart disease or a general medical condition.

Always research medical matters very carefully & consult with your doctor/heart specialist before being caught by the latest money making scam!!!!!!!

DO NOT DIE THROUGH IGNORANCE or over bias towards natural products on a "TRUST ME" basis as it will be too late to remove the nails from your coffin whether it is BIG PHARMA or NATURAL profits that brought you there, after you die!




Will OBAMACARE bring the same to US citizen's???

Doomed to die by the NHS: Devastating report to reveal thousands dying needlessly as 21 hospitals probed in scandal that eclipses Mid Staffs horror

  • Up to 10 hospitals to be condemned by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt
  • As many as 21 hospitals are still failing the most critically ill people
  • 3,400 more patient deaths than usual at hospitals are being probed
  • Some covered up death rates by claiming 'They're dying anyway'
  • Casualty and maternity units at the poorly performing hospitals may close


PUBLISHED: 21:41 GMT, 13 July 2013 | UPDATED: 21:41 GMT, 13 July 2013

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will condemn up to ten NHS hospital trusts as ‘failed regimes’ this week as a damning report reveals thousands of patients are still dying needlessly.

A major review of patient safety will find that as many as 21 hospitals are  still failing the most critically ill people – especially the elderly and emergency cases – four years after the Mid Staffs scandal claimed hundreds of lives.

On Tuesday Mr Hunt will tell Parliament that up to ten of 14 hospital trusts investigated over high death rates require urgent action.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt will name the NHS's failed regimes after the report reveals that thousands are still dying needlessly

Casualty, maternity and other units  at the poorly performing hospitals could close as Ministers take drastic measures to safeguard patients.


Regulators will issue warning notices and investigations, ordering trust managers to improve standards quickly. If they do not, entire boards of directors could be fired.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the hospital review, led by NHS medical director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, contains evidence that:

  • Up to 3,400 patients died needlessly last year at the 21 major hospitals run by the 14 NHS trusts.
  • At five of these trusts, the number of needless deaths in 2012 exceeded the worst-ever year at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.
  • The investigated hospitals are struggling to provide safe care for patients with common emergencies like heart attacks, strokes and serious lung conditions.
  • Elderly people are the most vulnerable, just as they were at Mid Staffs.
  • Some trusts massaged their statistics to make their hospitals appear safer than they are.

Mr Hunt ordered the review of death rates in February in the wake of the scandal in which up to 1,200 patients died at Stafford Hospital over a decade due to appalling care.

Patients were left to lie in their own excrement and forced to drink water from flower vases because of inhuman standards. Between 2005 and 2008, 164 more patients than expected died per year.

But according to evidence at the heart of the Keogh review, the numbers of ‘excess deaths’ in 2012 were bigger than this at six of the 14 trusts inspected, as the table, right, shows.


Susan Tatum, 56, was misdiagnosed with a digestive condition by a surgeon when she arrived at Tameside General Hospital

A mother of two died in agony with a burst bowel hours after doctors turned her away from hospital.

Susan Tatum, 56, was misdiagnosed with a digestive condition by a surgeon when she arrived at Tameside General Hospital, in Ashton, Lancashire, where up to 208 more patients than expected died last year, according to the Keogh Review.

An inquest heard that a doctor prescribed Mrs Tatum antibiotics she was allergic to as he had not read her notes. When her husband David went back to change them, he was given antibiotics for a urine infection, a different diagnosis.

She died at home in Ashton, in August 2010. Mr Tatum, 63, an IT manager, said: ‘Sue was severely misdiagnosed and, not only that, but given medication she was allergic to. It makes me so angry to hear that Tameside is still severely failing patients.

‘We don’t want our horrific experience to have been in vain. The hospital has not even had the decency to apologise to me, and that  is typical of the type  of culture throughout  the Trust.’

At the time of Mrs Tatum’s inquest, the hospital’s former medical director, Dr Tariq Mahmood, said: ‘We take the coroner’s findings and verdict extremely seriously. We would like  to convey our deepest sympathies to the family.’

Last year 281 more patients than expected died at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, although this runs three major hospitals to Mid Staffs’ one; at North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs two, there were 234 excess deaths; and at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs Stoke Mandeville and Wycombe hospitals, there were 222.

All these figures are based on the same death rate measure as that used to calculate the Mid Staffs numbers, called the Hospital Standardised Mortality Rate.

Professor Brian Jarman, who helped devise this measure, said: ‘In my opinion about a third of these 14 hospital trusts have mortality rates that are at least as high as Mid Staffs was, and are probably higher.’

Despite this, Sir Bruce is expected to find that none of the 14 trusts under investigation has problems on the scale of Mid Staffs – although he will only exonerate a few.

Nevertheless, pressure will mount on hospital bosses. Tameside chief executive Christine Green has already resigned after 15 years, due in part to investigations made by the Keogh team, together with medical director Dr Tariq Mahmood.


A senior doctor raised concerns about Ray Law, 60, (right) who died of complications two days after his prostate cancer operation at Lincoln County Hospital in February 2010

A father of two died after a surgeon was forced to carry out three complex operations to hit targets  at an under-fire hospital.

A leaked memo revealed that a senior doctor raised concerns about Ray  Law, 60, who died of complications two days after his prostate cancer operation at Lincoln County Hospital in February 2010.

On the day Mr Law died, the doctor wrote that the targets put patients at risk and placed ‘unsustainable pressure’ on surgeons.

According to the memo  to managers, Mr Law  should have been put on  a high-dependency ward  but he ended up on a general ward because of ‘increasing pressures’.

Mr Law’s widow Kathleen was never told about the concerns. Mrs Law, 59, pictured right with her husband, said: ‘If doctors are more concerned with targets than patient care then something has gone seriously wrong.

‘I am so angry. It says on the death certificate that  the cause of death was pulmonary embolism and complications due to radical prostatectomy. Now I realise that he should have been treated in intensive care  for these complications.

‘Why didn’t they know about them before? That hospital is just the worst.’

A spokesman for United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust said: ‘We are sorry to hear about the concerns. We offer our sincere condolences and would invite the family to come and talk to us.’

Another more sophisticated indicator, introduced in late 2011, shows there were even higher numbers of needless deaths in 2012 – including 424 at United Lincs; 419 at Blackpool; and 309 at Buckinghamshire.

This new measure suggests that 3,400 more patients than expected died at the 14 trusts last year.

But Sir Bruce regards death rate data as just a ‘smoke alarm’ of problems rather than definitive proof.  He reached his conclusions after also considering patient complaints, staff comments, official reports, and making visits to the hospitals.

But a well-placed source said: ‘We are not going to sit back and wait for the next Mid Staffs crisis to happen. The low standards at some hospitals have been covered up for years. We are going to do something about it.’

Prof Jarman believed many of the trusts were ‘clinically unsustainable’ – just as Mid Staffs was judged to be in January by a team of experts. Two months later they recommended that Stafford Hospital lose its full A&E and its maternity ward. Officially, a final decision has yet to be made.

Politicians and NHS bureaucrats have persistently claimed Mid Staffs was a one-off. In 2009, the  Health Secretary at the time Alan Johnson gave his ‘absolute assurance’ that it was ‘not indicative of what’s happening in the NHS’.

Julie Bailey, whose mother Bella died after being dropped by staff at Stafford hospital, said Ministers and health bosses had to realise that death rates were not just numbers.

She said: ‘Each “statistic” is a  family left behind. It’s heartbreaking. I live with it every day.’

Ms Bailey, who founded the Cure The NHS campaign group, said she had been ‘inundated’ with calls from people telling of their experiences at the 14 trusts. ‘The pattern of what has been going wrong at these hospitals is practically identical to what happened at Mid Staffs,’ she said.

Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the Patients Association, said: ‘Why did we have to wait until now to take drastic action when people were sitting on the information for a long time?

Patients should not have been exposed to these potential risks.’

However any proposal to close departments will be fiercely fought, just as they are in ongoing campaigns at Stafford  and elsewhere.

Campaigners say health bosses often use patient safety as a Trojan Horse to force through closures that are mainly about saving money.

Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham last night accused Ministers of letting the 14 trusts’ hospitals ‘deteriorate significantly’ since 2010. He said: ‘Ministers wasted precious time with a needless re-organisation that took £3 billion away from patient care.

Many hospitals have made severe cuts to staffing. The NHS is in danger of forgetting the lessons from Stafford, where cuts to frontline staff were a primary cause of poor care.’

Mr Hunt is expected to name two of the 14 trusts – Basildon and Thurrock and Tameside in Greater Manchester – as particularly worrisome.

Neither has recorded particularly high death rates using the standardised measure in the last two years.


Ruby Castle (right) was put in a corridor because no cubicles were available. A bed was eventually found for her, but she was woken up and discharged at 4am

Dementia sufferer Ruby Castle, 89, was left lying  in a draughty hospital corridor for more than  two hours with a fracture  –  then discharged  at 4am naked from  the waist down.

Mrs Castle, pictured left with her husband John, was admitted to Lincoln County Hospital last month after a fall in which she fractured a bone.

She was put in a corridor because no cubicles were available. A bed was eventually found for her, but she was woken up  and discharged at 4am.

Mrs Castle’s daughter, Pat Preston, said: ‘Mum suffered appalling treatment from the start. The care home worker accompanying her had to suggest an X-ray to the doctor, and while we were waiting for the results she was just left in a corridor, next to an open door.

‘The care home staff where she lives were shocked when she  arrived back wearing  just her pyjama jacket, with nothing on from the waist down.’

A spokesman for United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust – where up to 424 more patients than expected died last year, according to evidence in the Keogh review – said: ‘We are disappointed  to hear that the family of Mrs Castle were unhappy with the level of care she received. As a trust we take dignity of our patients very seriously.’

However, the review found evidence that both might have manipulated figures by wrongly classifying large numbers of patients – such  as arthritis and diabetes sufferers – as being very close to death.

Such people are coded as being ‘palliative care’ patients, who count less towards the excess deaths figure if they die.

The Keogh team found that until recently Basildon had the highest percentage use of the palliative care category; and that Tameside was also high. Both these trusts were recorded as having high death rates using the other mortality indicator.

The hospital trusts in the Keogh review said they had been instructed not to comment before its publication. NHS England also said it would not comment before Tuesday.


Mr Maitland died in January last year at Wycombe Hospital, three weeks after suffering a cardiac arrest at the hospital

A frail man who was on a liquid diet died after nurses fed him solid food for five days.

A post-mortem examination discovered a large amount of food in the throat and lungs of Edward Maitland, 74, which led to an infection and ultimately his death.

Mr Maitland, of Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire, died in January last year at Wycombe Hospital, three weeks after suffering a cardiac arrest at the hospital.

Up to 309 more patients than expected died last year at Wycombe and Stoke Mandeville hospitals, run by Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.

Mr Maitland had lived on a diet of milkshake-style food since 1996, when part of his tongue was removed after he developed oral cancer.

His son, Gary Maitland, 45,  a paramedic, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I feel like the hospital has taken years of his life away from him, and away from us.’

After the death, the Trust brought in new measures to ensure important notes are passed between departments.

More on WHO/LCP Agenda 21 De-Population Control.


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Collective Psychopathy & Low Empathy Personality Dysfunction within the Establishment, State & Big Business Collectives, resulting in Civilisations Predator 'PSYCHOPATHIC BIG BROTHER'

Some of you may realise how for several years now, I have presented a very black & white picture regarding the dangers of psychopathy and low empathy within the Establishment, State & Big Business collectives through my website and Facebook.

It is time to move forward with a more detailed explanation as to the complex wide ranging disorders & personality dysfunction profiles, that low empathy, narcissism & psychopathy can emanate from and how collective low empathy, narcissism & psychopathy endangers ourselves, our families and our civilisation.

Now that others are also doing this important work, I hope the resultant autonomous collective work will build up into an explanation as to where and how threats to our families and lives amass from and how to protect ourselves and our families from the projections resulting from the growing collective low empathic, narcissistic & psychopathic global power & control structures increasing denied failings, progressively walling their egotistical thinking towards dividing society, turning it in on itself by whipping up selfish predatory hatred for the drive towards the first global psychopathic holocaust.

PSYCHOPATHIC BIG BROTHER, the collective psychopath that smiles as it kills is kidnapping children from homes near you now!

UK Column TV Live interview with Kevin Bull on Collective Psychopathy & Low Empathy Personality Dysfunction within the Establishment, State & Big Business collectives, resulting in Civilisations Predator…… "PSYCHOPATHIC BIG BROTHER"

<iframe width="1280" height="720" src="/" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

For the FULL UK Column TV Video news & interviews go to:-


A quote from Dr Paul Babiak (see below, "What makes us good or evil?" bottom of the page)

“Paul then constructs his own study to see how many psychopaths had infiltrated big business.

“The answer; Almost 4 times as many as in the general population.

Hi, I am limbering up and out of my wheelchair for most of the time now. My energy levels are starting to improve now my heart is more stable. So I am back to the fight to protect children and families after a year off. Sorry I have not been available for the past year. But here is the opener for where I am going next.

To launch an awareness campaign in further expanding the understanding of why our families are being so badly affected by Establishment, State & Big Business decisions, I did a live TV interview as to how through  psychology & neuropsychology we can understand psychopathy and low empathy disorders in society in general and how neuropsychology has now explained the cross generational low empathy & psychopathy we see in the blood lines of families, that maintain major influence in society over many generations.

This interview at Brian Gerrish’s invitation was broadcast live on UK Column Television on Thursday the 2nd of August 2012 and is available to view both through the UK Column live TV archive and youtube directly.

This will be expanded on further with others inputting on Psychopathy and how low empathy in the Establishment, States & Big Business is affecting our lives.

So stay tuned into Brian and Lou at UK Column TV for more in the coming weeks.

You might find it interesting hearing in this light introduction to the psychology and neuropsychology of where the threats to our family life emanate from, a scientific explanation of how the blue bloods and high ranking families perpetuate their low empathy for society through their generational low empathy, psychopathy and family links across the globe.

Leading to how we are all affected negatively, by their control of our systems, work place and to some degree our families and lives.

This leads into why we are seeing increasing failings in large State organisations like the NHS, due to the low empathy and logical decisions made ignoring patients real needs and worse still appeals for help near the time of their predictable deaths. This being current news in UK newspapers.

I think this was received well even by NHS staff based on the communications coming in both during the show and after from NHS professionals, including a psychiatric nurse expressing agreement based on her professional experience, quantifying the decrease in empathy in society against the low empathy disorder increase she is observing in her professional role.

I refer to a number of easy to follow Television information programs that if watched will give you a real feel for where I am coming from as to establishment, state and big business psychopathy being 4 times the level of general population psychopathy.

Here is a link to BBC Horizon - What makes us good or evil? (1 to 4 Video’s, they play automatically)


A high quality BBC program presentation of Psychopathy.

Here are some important points to pick up on to understand that 4 times the level of psychopathy exists within the establishment state and high ranking business sector.

Dr Paul Babiak states:- At the end of video 3 & the beginning of 4

“The very image we are looking for in our leaders the psychopath can easily mimic. Their natural tendency is to be charming.”

“Take that charm and couch it in the right business language, it sounds like charismatic leadership.”

Tony Blair, fooled everyone???

Now we are at war!


Video 4/4

“Paul then constructs his own study to see how many psychopaths had infiltrated big business.

“The answer; Almost 4 times as many as in the general population.

Professor Robert D Hare states:-

“The higher their psychopathy the better they looked.”

“Look good, perform badly”

Well worth watching as this helps us detect these charismatic psychopaths amongst us!


Too programmed too right. Let's make a polite intelligent noise that is too revealing for the UK establishment to ignore!

Nazi's Kidnapping Children during the 1935-45 Lebensborn Eugenics Forced Adoption Program Like UK Social Services do today. Both using the low empathic Anti-Social Slogan "In the Best Interests of the Child" YES! It was created by the Nazi's, Adolf Hitler himself!

The Nazi Lebensborn Eugenics Forced Adoption Program. Paralleled by UK Social Services today. "In the Best Interests of the Child" YES! It was created by the Nazi's! Adolf Hitler himself!

The low empathic anti-social Establishment of Nazi Germany During WWII. Featuring Heinrich Himmler, Creator of the Lebensborn Eugenics Forced Adoption Program. "In the Best Interests of the Child" Anti-Social Personalities at Work.

Heinrich Himmler, chief of the Gestapo and creator of the Lebensborn Eugenics Forced Adoption Program. Establishment Psychopath "Working in the Best Interests of the Child"

Lebensborn, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler & the Nazi parallels to the UK establishment, state, Court of England & Social Services today in greater depth.

The YouTube link below takes you to the Psychology based music video track Forty Six & 2, The Shadow as defined by Carl Jung. With grateful thanks to Tool. This will give you a very quick visual overview of the anti-social personality functioning of the Nazi's & Social Services today, being identical in human collective psychological functioning, due to either prostituting themselves to the establishment or being part of the establishment.

DENIAL in SHADOW of the UNCONSCIOUS mind, blinds the ESTABLISHMENT of PROJECTING the NAZI LEBENSBORN slogan "IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD" for today’s SS to attack empathic family's, by the EUGENICS of kidnapping caring families children for their uncaring anti-social kind!

UK Establishment Forced Adoption Programmes are Back Clicking on the above image will take you to Full Article

This is an in depth article covering Lebensborn & the Nazi's, including a light explanation as to the psychology of the Nazi's that permitted the Nazi's without any conscience to torture, medically experimentation on & finally murder the poor Jewish families within the genocide of the Holocaust of WWII.

This is so important to be understood as most of us have been taught by the establishment/state that this was a one off by the Nazi's alone, when in reality this happens every time the power difference between the establishment/state & the citizens becomes wide enough for citizens rights, lives & wellbeing to become irrelevent to the establishment/state themselves.

In very simple terms, human collective psychological functioning, which is identical to individual psychological functioning except when forming a power structure like the establishment or global establishment, when the collective then functions as an anti-social personality collective over all citizens & itself, due to the requirement of conformity to the establishment collective view to be part of it.

Understanding the requirement to conform to the anti-social establishment actually is anti-social in nature towards anyone not being part of the establishment or not conforming to it might cause you to realise that the establishment functions like a self protecting club of conformists that chose to drop all moral values and the rights of all citizens in exchange for being part of the selfish corrupt establishment/state power structure collective itself.

The ideals of even the most well intentioned individual are eroded over the time they function as part of the establishment/state power structure towards whatever the collective view of the establishment/state power structure is at any one point in time or history, if we look back at times like WWII, the Nazi's, the rise of the Roman Empire & the like, it is evident to all.

Anyone deciding to choose moral values or the rights of citizens over the intentions of the establishment/state corrupt power structure is then disadvantaged, discredited or even murdered by other members of the establishment collective power structure. Anyone declining their role within this structure is treated in the same manner & may come under establishment/state power structure collective attack which enforces conformity in the most stubborn well intentioned individuals. Those it does not are expelled from the club & discredited, defamed & attacked by the establishment/state players for the rest of their natural lives & beyond, in that history is even written around them to discredit & defame them in just the same way as the Nazi's burnt the books of Jewish authors and sympathisers during WWII.

If you  read further along with the sub links to articles and you will realise that the behaviour of UK Social Services, the  courts, the judiciary & the establishment/state towards innocent parents while kidnapping their children today is identical not only to the methods used to suppress & discredit its own members, but more horrifying it is identical to the collective psychological functioning & behaviour of the Nazi's towards the sick, disabled & of course the millions of poor Jewish families tortured, medically experimented on and put to death during the genocide of the Holocaust of WWII.

This was just another peak of anti-social behaviour within the establishment/state  of a particular country which other countries finally brought to an end by defending their borders during WWII.

Sadly today with globalisation there are no countries or establishment borders in reality that would be powerful enough to defeat and snuff out the global anti-social establishment power structure should it change continuously in collective psychological functioning further towards the very selfish narcissistic, sociopathic, psychopathic end of psychological functioning, which it is already clearly functioning within.

Do remember that absolute power corrupts absolutely as in the case of the Nazi establishment.

The global establishment of today are already engaging in the first global holocaust by the genocide of those it sees as no longer useful to its selfish power structure, or indeed those that oppose it.

This at present is occurring, certainly in the UK, by alterations in medical diagnostic criteria causing doctors to no longer diagnose perfectly treatable conditions that result in suffering & death if not treated.

The medical books have been partially rewritten over decades & the clinical science has drifted towards the very anti-social viewpoint of the survival of the fittest & the genocide of those that do not offer usefulness to the selfish establishment power structure. There has never been a larger gap between medical science and clinical medicine due to clinical medicine not making medical scientific knowledge clinical by obstructing clinical acceptance of the same.

It is little known that a rare disorder is particularly studied by the medical clinical profession being Addison's disease, to the point that doctors and patients are accepted as members in the same medical on line organisation as each other. I am an Addisonian like John F Kennedy and many others are or were and at one point I was a member of one of these medical/ Addisonian organisations.

One of the characteristics of Addisonians is, because this condition when untreated exactly duplicates what we have in evolutionary terms experienced when injured and under threat, a psychological change in functioning initially into psychological defence mechanism functioning (Sigmund Freud), as though under attack. Once treated with cortisol hormone replacement therapy this returns to normal. However the experience of feeling under threat and the suffering is never forgotten by the addisonian that then chooses a more empathic caring path to their future. I have chosen the empathic path and not to resent and hate the anti-social personality path.

The longer a person suffers adrenal insufficiency the more empathic that person will be due to the suffering experienced if or when diagnosed and treated with cortisol replacement therapy. However if during the suffering the person chooses the selfish anti-social path of psychological functioning then once treated they tend to continue on that selfish hate & resentment path.

There is a focus within the UK clinical medical establishment, by the diagnostic criteria used to only fully test and diagnose those that have very sudden HPA axis failure & to avoid testing, investigation & correct treatment of people who have a more gradual roll off of HPA axis failure resulting in the many then misdiagnosed secondary illnesses that adrenal insufficiency can & does present in before it is finally diagnosed correctly.

When I write the more detailed medical article I will explain how this has been ensured so that drug companies have made a fortune out of the sale of designer drugs to treat the many secondary to AI misdiagnosed medical conditions, at the same time as ensuring food additives, certain foods, vaccination & certain prescribed drugs damage our HPA axis to produce the roll off due to these inducing HPA axis modulation failures resulting in reduced adrenal output of cortisol (our whole body stress hormone) from the adrenal glands. This same hormone if low in plasma weakens us as citizens and is the easiest way to keep us from standing up for our rights, quite simply because we then have insufficient spare stress response to do so! I will however deal with this separately.

It is my opinion that at the most difficult cold war time in 1961 of “the bay of pigs invasion" that John F. Kennedy’s decisions where indeed in part a product of his empathic caring side as an empathic Addisonian and this saved the world at that time from annihilation in the cold war WW3 nuclear war potential that we all hoped would never happen.

When I spoke out on the realities the level of attack by the UK clinical medical establishment crossed all boundaries of ethics & law in order to attempt to suppress me. This included attempted murder and the blinding of my wife during the attacks on my family during the NHS medical complaint I made in order to reveal this.

I will now be publishing this NHS medical complaint along with the written admissions from the UK medical profession and the story including the attempts on our lives. This will be with full medical record proving all that would previously be thought beyond belief, as the WWII Holocaust was according to the establishment, a one off attributed to Adolf Hitler.

Addison's or Adrenal Insufficiency was common in the death camps of WWII, partly due to the increased incidence of tuberculosis which damages the adrenal glands, never being treated of course, but also as a part of experimentation as any form of low cortisol output from the adrenal glands produces the same symptoms being almost any secondary human illness including mental illness if not diagnosed & treated with hormone replacement therapy.

Just as in the death camps, high stress levels & not treating the resultant primary & secondary medical conditions along with virtual zero nutrition will result in the death of many citizens today and in the future, which is why the sick & disabled are currently finding difficulty not only obtaining medical treatment, but also even by not being recognised by correct medical diagnosis.

Just as in the death camps by leaving citizens medical conditions untreated whether primary medical conditions or secondary medical conditions to AI HPA axis disorders, this will still cause either AI or adrenal overload leaving their immune systems unable to supply sufficient hormones to manage & control these medical conditions.

In the end following the long suffering of increasing medical conditions, including secondary mental health symptoms/conditions, this results in deaths that are recorded under the names of the secondary to AI medical condition names and not AI itself.

So, the explosion in learning difficulty, physical medical conditions, mental health conditions, ME, CFS and the like is explainable over recent decades when viewed from this perspective.

Of course the senior UK anti-social medical establishment know that even many within their own ranks, let alone the citizens of the world, simply will not be able to comprehend this, let alone put it all together with it crossing so many fields of specialised clinical medicine!

If they really want to claim they don’t know, then they should at the very least be very alarmed by the clinical medical doomsday potential. Well, they are on public record showing they are certainly alarmed enough to attack, defame and suppress any member of their UK clinical profession that speaks out in this area of medicine, or indeed anything closely associated that might reveal this.

The question is, is this a result of the low empathy anti-social personality disorders of the establishment that due to lack of empathy do not naturally protect citizens without empathic citizen protests alerting them to do so, or worse still is it intended!

The difference being this is global genocide which is part of the reason why global citizens children are being removed first, medically experimented on & conditioned to see how many will be useful to the future anti-social global establishment.

The cortisol hormone insufficiency caused in Addison's disease & other AI disorders starves the body of sufficient cortisol to maintain a normal immune system and whole body stress response, resulting in almost any secondary physical illness and or mental illness whatsoever.

Drug companies have a vested interest in Addison's disease and its like not being diagnosed and treated because the hormones to treat these conditions are cheap as chips, however the drugs to treat the 100's of secondary illnesses are not cheap and the drug companies have been making a fortune by this method of avoiding testing for HPA Axis endocrine disorders, particularly in the psychiatric field, being a fake field as it is just the dustbin for failed physical & psychological medicine.

The other parallel between Lebensborn, the death camps and the UK clinical medical establishment of today is that the medical establishment within the death camp medical experiments tortured the poor people including the electrocuting the unborn foetus, babies, children and adults, including by sexual abuse, continuously in order to try to induce, through the stress of fear, harm and suffering, anti-social personality, more specifically in the form of MPD Multiple Personality Disorder which underpins anti-social personality disorders themselves. Today the clinical medical fraternity have renamed MPD to D.I.D or Disassociated Identity Disorder, partly to cover up their self programming of patients due to their thirst to clinically establish this disorder causing them great embarrassment around patients like Sybil, made into a film from the 1973 book by the same name.

MPD or D.I.D. it is the same, in that the most effective medical treatment is counselling combined with treatment with synthetic cortisol in order to increase their cortisol levels back up to normal levels, reducing their disassociation which is triggered by the level of fear and whole body stress experienced by the patient, often recalled from childhood abuse.

The threshold for D.I.D. is set by the level of stress the patient is under versus the level of stress hormone cortisol that the patient’s body can produce to counteract this stress and dampen their adrenalin output and driven fear response.

This then, due to the adrenal overload or AI, results in presenting as almost any mental health symptom or diagnosis as a secondary illness.

So, in reality psychological conditions as in patients dysfunctions to cope with life do exist, however psychiatric conditions in the main do not exist, instead are secondary symptoms of the clinical medical establishments failure to successfully treat the primary conditions being psychological or physical in causation that over demand or reduce the output of cortisol from the adrenal glands swamping our whole body stress hormone output and hence immune systems to produce the secondary physical and psychiatric non primary medical conditions constantly being misdiagnosed by the clinical medical establishment.

Psychiatry is hence the dustbin of medicine, a fake profession that defends its existence by desperately preventing this being revealed, even within the medical establishment itself. This is a major reason why we have seen the suppression of any doctor that speaks out regarding learning difficulty because in most cases learning difficulty has the same causation, adrenal insufficiency or overload, particularly around bowel damage, a large organ that can easily swamp adrenal cortisol output for anti-inflammatory & healing response in the developing child. Hence Dr Andrew Wakefield was so attacked by the medical profession when speaking out and has since been proved by other research programs to be correct in the area of the vaccination to Inflammatory Bowel Disease and hence due to adrenal overload learning difficulty itself.

I won’t go further on the medical front as it becomes much more complex and hence needs to be dealt with separately.

However on closing on the medical front I must explain that people with D.I.D. lose their ability to protect themselves and self determine in many ways, this was what the Nazi's were trying to induce in their death camp medical experiments to produce a more easily controlled society.

Today this can be induced by a combination of increasing the populations whole body stresses at the same time as reducing the global populations HPA Axis cortisol output that would normally increase to cope with increased whole body stress factors.

This is done by vaccination damage, food additives and some natural foods that we should not eat, along with our working and leisure lives becoming more stressful. ME, CFS, Learning difficulty, IBS, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Gulf war Syndrome, and many other medical disorders are underpinned by cortisol insufficiency due to low adrenal cortisol output or swamping of cortisol output due to overload.

This is the more general answer as to why the clinical medical profession have never stopped working on inducing D.I.D. since the death camps of WWII, when the technology transferred over with the Nazi's to several friendly countries at that time. The core UK clinical medical fraternity are indeed full anti-social low empathic personalities, psychopathic in nature the same as the Nazi's were during WWII and driven by the very same delusions be them perhaps not Aryan race ideals of WWII, but in a modern day parallel delusion of today.

Either way, children and adults for medical experimentation are not going to be volunteered they are going to be kidnapped by Social Services the modern day Gestapo and by the very same methods and anti-social slogan, "In the best interests of the child"

The big question is, is it the inability to protect trait of the low empathy anti-social establishment personalities, that over the decades has, like an open goal allowed every medical and dietary threat to the human race to just walk through an open goal by their indifference to safety and protection, or has it been by intention as with the Nazi's that the establishment have worked away undermining us all along to pursue their goal of controlling citizens for their own selfish ends of a future feudal anti-social society collective, removing the threat of future caring moralistic citizens that just might have a social conscience through the empathy of caring for others from society, a product of the caring family unit, by tearing apart and destroying all caring family units themselves.

By looking at the false unfounded allegations and caring families targeted in the global genocide of the caring family unit by Social Service prostituting themselves to the establishment, it does seem so!

As in Lebensborn, those that do not measure up to the global collective establishment power structure deluded ideals, will be disadvantaged & put to death whether hidden within clinical medical & system failures or when the power difference is sufficient, put to death by the most effective mass genocidal means of the day.

The Global Holocaust cannot be stopped because it is driven by a no U turn personality disorder implicit within the establishment collective from its original first systemic formation at the dawn of time.

The Doomsday scenario of the human failing of the low empathy anti-social personality or evil that will bring us to our end has been written by many writers throughout time.

The only defence is not to resent or hate in reaction to harm, these being low empathy anti-social traits, instead care and love remaining in the empathic spectrum in reaction to harm. This way the global collective will slide in the direction of empathic caring functioning once again.

Most spiritual philosophies teach this and were never wrong!

Science proves the same from a psychological and physical medical viewpoint!

I cannot argue with either and hence draw the same conclusion, love not war!

If we believe we live in an empathic collective practicing caring empathic feelings in reaction to harm then that collective will be overwhelmed by the caring, loving warmth within itself, preventing any growth of and snuffing out the flame of low empathic anti-social evil.

Kevin Bull Free Thinking Voice, The Earth Needs Rebels Show & International Rescue for Families.

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